26 May 2021

North York Moors and Coast

Back from a week away staying at Staithes with my pal Andrew.A mix of coastal walking , sightseeing and riding my new mountain bike on the moors. 

Here's a link to the photo album.



5 May 2021

Early May cover up on the plot

 So far I've managed to resist the false starts to the growing season and all of my recent direct sowings  seem to be doing ok ,touch wood.Over the last few years for my cool weather crops I've been moving back to sowing direct rather than using modules. It seems to work if the drills are pre-watered,the seeds firmed down to get good contact with the soil and then everything covered up with fleece/Thermacrop mesh to keep out the wind and pests but retain the moisture.

Potatoes planted no dig style and broad beans and tall peas in ,plus a first succession bed of shallots/carrots/chard and lettuce mixed with radish and another catch crop of turnips and radish in one of the pole bean beds.

Also I've moved back to using a brassica seed bed rather than sowing in trays then pricking out etc ....we'll see..... partly due to my window sill space being full of Dahlia seedlings.

Looking down the plot

Top section with covers

One of the no dig potato beds with cover

Looking up the plot

A permanent home for the small redcurrant and gooseberry bushes that have been sitting in pots

Newly sown pea trellis and a catch crop under cover below bean supports

Healthy looking fruiting spurs on the mature redcurrent bush - so far so good

1 May 2021


Photo album from my recent stay a few miles inland from Aberystwyth.The pubs had just reopened but it was too cold to sit outside.


On the two best days I did rides on my new mountain bike and when the weather was more uncertain I visited the coast and Tregaron Bog nature reserve.

A lovely varied area of Mid Wales mainly out of the blanket forestry. 

View towards Plynlimon


New Quay back gardens

Coastal path south of New Quay

Bijou cottage

Syfydrin Trail

Tregaron Bog



20 March 2021

Plot plans 2021

I've been making use of the fine weather to spruce up the plot, while so far not getting suckered into planting or sowing too early.Just some leek, spring onion and salad leaf seeds sown in trays on my windowsill. 

Looking back through my records anything sown in mid to late April will outdo stuff that was sown in mid March, at least where I live,but sometimes I get caught out.

I've been fine tuning my planting plan but as always things will change about depending on the situation on the ground.

Top half

Lower half

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