20 March 2021

Plot plans 2021

I've been making use of the fine weather to spruce up the plot, while so far not getting suckered into planting or sowing too early.Just some leek, spring onion and salad leaf seeds sown in trays on my windowsill. 

Looking back through my records anything sown in mid to late April will outdo stuff that was sown in mid March, at least where I live,but sometimes I get caught out.

I've been fine tuning my planting plan but as always things will change about depending on the situation on the ground.

Top half

Lower half

24 February 2021

SI New Zealand 2009

I'm doing some catch up posts on past New Zealand trips and photo albums from before I started this EFTU blog in 2011. Some are the product of newly scanned slides from the 1997 to 2004 period before things went digital.

This one's from the digital age in October/November 2009 which was an  earlier season trip compared to previous visits.Their late spring/early summer in the bottom half of South Island with snow avalanches closing the Great Walks tracks in Fiordland but no problems for me mainly choosing quieter spots (although I did spend a very pleasant couple of days at the half empty Queenstown YHA with it's fantastic lakeside location).

Here's a link to the photo album

I flew down to Invercargill via Auckland and then went by ferry to Stewart Island where I did the Southern Circuit. The mud lived up to it's reputation and made for slow going at times.Even the dry bits were wet.

Fred's Camp Hut

Rakeahura River "track"

Doughboy Hut

Freshwater Hut
North Arm

Halfmoon Bay (Oban)


Returning to the mainland I rented a car on a very good $25NZ per day deal for the rest of the trip spent mainly in Southland,Otago,South Canterbury Coast and High Country.

South Coast near Riverton

Lake Marian

Gunn's Camp, Hollyford

Aparima Huts,Takitimu Mountains

Dart River near Paradise


Mount Aspiring Hut , West Matukituki Valley , rebuilt since my first visit here in 1997 over Cascade Saddle

Liverpool Hut newly replacing the Bivvy but a cold place to stay as no stove or fire place


West Matukituki River - my third time in the area,in from different ways

Meg Hut on the Cardrona Cromwell Pack Track

South Temple Hut and Valley,NW of Lake Ohau

Yellow Eyed Penguin near Oamaru

Catlins Coast and Sea Lions

Rabbie Burns,Flagstaff Hill and Dunedin Botanic Gardens

28 January 2021

Morecambe Bay bird sculptures

Out on a bike ride yesterday with a detour to Warton Marsh to view the Northern Lapwing bird sculpture, one of a series created by Chris Brahall along the Morecambe Bay Coast in 2019.


My first real visit into the marsh as I'd always associated it with the land fill site which operated there up until a few years ago.

View south towards Bolton le Sands

View north towards Warton Crag

River Keer estuary

Warton Stockcar Stadium

23 January 2021

Contrasting weather

Yesterday while out on a bike ride a few miles north near the Lancashire/old Westmoreland border. Sunshine on a flooded Burton Moss.

Waking up to heavy snow this morning.Back garden and local views.

Took some photos round the top of the village first thing and added a few more from lower down a bit later on https://photos.app.goo.gl/Egf14EYQCsVF3hp1A

Snow in January,who'd believe it!

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