13 June 2020

Mid June plot

It's been another semi arid spring with sunny skies and some very hard frosts in May.Thermacrop covers over direct or sprouted seed sowings protected them from the cold winds but failed to keep the early Arran Pilot potatoes from suffering sever frost damage.

Chard sown over a year ago is still producing fresh spring greens and the first of this year's sowings is nearly ready to pick.

Here's a link to the photo album https://photos.app.goo.gl/A7uvfaKCecFTdux87

The former communal beds now taken over by new plot holders

Top section of the main plots from my boundary fence

My top border coming into flower

The autumn planted Longor shallot sets are nearly ready to harvests

Bunyards Exhibition broad beans direct sown under cover in mid to late March - much better than transplanting leggy module plants

Marvel of 4 Seasons lettuce - Madeiran seed at 96 euro cents a packet with enough for a small field -tried to sow thinly but every one germinated so more thinning needed as I go along - a butterhead variety with a lovely texture and flavour

Cledor garlic planted mid March

Pre sprouted Cobra- Borlotto beans and Golden Zucchini sown in trays and planted out in late May to avoid damaging winds after the warm spell
Gooseberries bulking up

Had initial problems with cheap module sown Telephone tall peas.Too early? as later mid May attempt with pre-sprouted and direct sown seed has been ok.

13 April 2020

Mid April plot

I'm dividing my exercise allowance between going on country walks from the door and spending time on my allotment where I took some photos this morning while the light was good.

Click on the images to upsize them...

Plot plan 2020

The allotments with Morecambe Bay beyond

Loooking up my plot from the field track

Some greenery after a warm spell but with very little rain recently

Dalek city

Broad bean and potato shoots are beginning to emerge under the thermacrop covers

Looking down the plot

Overwintered chard re-emerging after being cut down and mulched over winter - I need to keep chard netted in order to protect it from the sparrows

Cledor garlic sown on 19th March is doing well

Longor shallot sets planted in late October 2019

Loganberry and fruit bushes - the ones in pots need to find a home in the soil

Last year's first sowing of chard overwintered and mulched

I'm happy to let this tall variety of autumn raspberries spread in the bottom corner of the plot

11 April 2020

Spring garden

Here's a link to the photo album https://photos.app.goo.gl/JxaP5HnYJ2Zy81wQ9
Lots of self seeded Hellebores to increase my collection ,and the Polyanthus and Pulmonaria which I divided up last year are putting on a good show.


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