2 November 2012

Early November back garden

I hoped to have planted my newly arrived summer raspberry canes over on the allotment this week but it's a bit of a mud bath at the moment.However, I have managed to tidy up the back garden and do some planting in between the showers.
Now that I've got the allotment ,the garden beds can be given over to soft fruit and shrubs.My bumper pack of raspberry canes included the everbearing variety Autumn Bliss, which I've planted either side of the existing ones to complete a whole bed.
After some switching round there are now three fruit beds (raspberries,gooseberries,jostaberries) ,an asparagus bed ,with shrubs in the other two for all year round colour.I've also under planted with spring and early summer bulbs.
I took some photos in a bright spell after the heavy hailstorm this morning.There are still some late blooms and the new planting already gives a boost to the existing autumn colour.

Old elderberry tree removed and spring shrub pruned back

I'll need a bonfire

New shrubs: Phormium,Robinia and Cordyline for the Antipodean look

This year's raspberries still going strong
The harts tongue ferns like the cool ,damp shade

I might get some asparagus spears next year?

The hellebore leaves will soon need cutting right back to show the new buds
Autumn colours in the "alpine karst" bed
Purple loosestrife

Late flushes of antirrhinums

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