22 December 2017

El Hierro and Tenerife November - December 2017

Usually I've combined visits to Tenerife with La Gomera but on this occasion decided that a trip to El Hierro was long overdue.
Saw a variety of high plateau and coastal landscapes on my walks and proportionally perhaps more farming and other agricultural activity than on the other islands?
On Tenerife I did some more of the Anaga paths and had a first look at the area above La Orotava with a walk north to south over the cumbre on the Camino de Candelaria.

Here's a link to the photo album with captions  https://photos.app.goo.gl/BKeKJ1i2msogDONG2

16 October 2017

Costa Blanca Trail running Abdet

A trail running week based at Abdet in the Costa Blanca mountains.Only a few miles inland from Benidorm but could have been on a different planet.
A select group from Dallam Running Club ,with our hosts Tom and Penny http://www.abdet.com/ who are also members.
Some great local run/walks from the door and others within an hour's drive.

Link to the photo album here  https://photos.app.goo.gl/2qlkTy7dvtTqUES62
I didn't have my own map so might update the album text when one is available.

25 September 2017

JMT Tanera Mor workparty September 2017

Some photos from the recent John Muir Trust workparty which I've been on.
Tanera Mor is the largest of the Summer Isles which are off the north west coast of Wester Ross north of Ullapool.
Work including path improvements,beach cleaning and tree planting. Fortunate to have a fairly dry spell and not be too troubled by the midges.

Link to photo album here https://photos.app.goo.gl/X2Zm4aK2WemJzB6V2

14 July 2017

Lechquellen Alps July 2017

Hurray! The Picasa photo upload manager seems to be having a new lease of life,which means that I can create and share Google Albums much quicker again ,without using all my data allowance while trying to overcome problems with Firefox/Chrome crashing after only loading a few pics at a time.

Another hut to hut trip with my pal Ernie.This time to the Lechquellen Alps,Vorarlberg, in the far west of Austria. Travelled there by train from the north of England to London,then Eurostar to Brussels,Thalys to Cologne and Nightjet sleeper to Innsbruck. Here's a link to the Lechquellen Alps photo album
with text captions.

11 April 2017

New South Wales stopover April 2017

July catchup post with Singapore and NZ.

My first visit to OZ proper as I don't count the many previous transit stops at Sydney Airport on journeys between the UK and NZ.
I took a six night stop over.First night in the city centre,then 2 at Pittwater YHA and 3 at Katoomba YHA in the Blue Mountains.
Pittwater YHA was one of the highlights of my whole Singapore,NZ,NSW trip.I suppose it fitted in more with the remoter NZ tramps and definitely a place that I'd like to revisit.
Here's a link to the New South Wales stopover April 2017 photo album with text captions.

3 April 2017

New Zealand March 2017

Catchup post on a wet morning in July now that album uploading is quicker again.

After stopping over in Singapore I flew to Christchurch and spent just under four weeks mainly in the Buller/West Coast area between and inland from Greymouth to Karamea,with a diversion over to Marlborough half way through.
Familiar places to stay between tramps,including the Old Nurses Home at Reefton,Riverside camp ground at Murchison,Havelock hostel and Formerly the Blackball Hilton.
My tramps covered some new ground,further up the Matiri River;Wakamarina track to Fosters Clearing;Big River Track near Reefton;and Buckland Peaks above Westport.

Here's a link to the New Zealand March 2017 photo album with a storyline.