28 July 2012

PSB sprouting too early

I didn't expect to be cutting summer calabrese and purple sprouting broccoli at the same time ,but this year's weather pattern seems to have decided otherwise. Perhaps it was sown a bit too early.
While I love the purple variety I really need to be eating my way through the broad beans and peas while they are at their best!

psb already sprouting in garden and allotment

Almost a colander full

Also dug up a couple of garlic plants to see how the crop is doing.It was planted fairly late and didn't get the necessary frost so I doubt if the heads will get very developed.
Found a decent sized head with a smaller one attached.The other was a very small bulb but with a fresh green stem.
 I'll start harvesting the rest to eat in the green or freeze.Last year I lost a lot as the dried bulbs soon rotted off.

19 July 2012

Miscellany of vegetables

Have been harvesting lots of veggies since my return from walking hut to hut in the Dachstein Alps.

Masterpiece broad beans from NZ

Silver beet (Swiss chard) from NZ

Red chard


Lincoln peas

French breakfast radish grown "hydroponically" in wet clay


French sorrel

Mixed lettuce

Blue skinned potatoes ,but which variety?

Hearting lettuce ,part of mixed packet

Also from the mixed packet

Summer savoury

Gemischter salat

Shelled beans

Chard and cavolo nero gratin with potatoes and beans (food stylist not present)
 Finally I ate my tea.

4 July 2012

Pink as well as blue and white now

Two more potato plants unearthed today ,one of which is pink skinned and the third of my five varieties. Possibly Setanta ,as the skin colour,flowers and resistance seem to fit.

Quite a decent crop from two plants this early on.

2 July 2012

Cutting cavolo nero

Buoyed up with my successful potato dig yesterday I cut some leaves from my now rapidly growing cavolo nero "black cabbage" today as some of them are now developing a distinctive bubbly surface.

I cooked them down in olive oil with onions and garlic ,added in some left over mince and puy lentils , and had the dish with some more of the purple skinned potatoes , fresh mint and butter ... yum.
Must say I much preferred it to the kale that I tried yesterday which although only small leaves was fairly chewy. The cavolo cooks down more like spinach and chard ,which is very ok by me.

1 July 2012

First potatoes dug

A few weeks ago I started cutting peppery mezcla ,followed by lettuce (which is my best ever as it has the space to be thinned!) and swiss and red chard for the last fortnight.
Today I decided to see how my potatoes were getting on as most are in flower now. I think that I have five varieties ,but I forgot to note which were which and what were early ,main etc.They have generally been selected as waxy and resistant to as many things as possible.
Of the two plants that I dug up the blue ones seem to be earlies and the white ones not.

Having these with roast duck and more chard tonight ,plus some small kale leaves from the plants in my garden which weren't transplanted.