25 July 2015

Glasgow to Sanquhar July 2015

I rejoined my friend Andrew in Glasgow for part of the southern section of his walk from Cape Wrath to Stranraer. My new lightweight Lowa boots stood up to the test ( of not wrecking my feet) even though the route varied between tarmac and bog over the course of the journey and included a 30 mile day.Another friend Richard was also along having joined Andrew near Loch Lomond.

Photo album here  best viewed as slide show.

A welcome from Richard and Andrew at Finnieston Quay
The Clyde in central Glasgow
The People's Palace on Glasgow Green
Templeton Carpet Factory - now a microbrewery and restaurant
Crossing the river at Cambuslang
Clyde near Uddingston
Bothwell Castle
The last part of the day involved negotiating major roadworks around the M74 Raith Interchange north of Strathclyde Loch.The footpath diversion signing wasn't up to much but there'd been a trail race along the CVW route the previous weekend and the yellow marking on the ground came to our rescue a few times.

It was Richard's turn to suffer from blistered feet and he decided to make his own way by public transport to meet us at New Lanark ,tonight's destination.Andrew and I left the urban landscape behind and walked through a more rural setting mostly on good riverside paths.
The Clyde at Barons Haugh
Left over from the race - presumably it washes off eventually
New signs and path maintenance once you move between North and South Lanarkshire
Downstream from New Lanark

We made quick work of the 16 miles between Motherwell and New Lanark,arriving around 4pm. Richard and Andrew were booked in at the Youth Hostel but when I'd made my own arrangements shortly before the trip it worked out better value for me to stay at the hotel.A bit of luxury.

Richard was leaving today and we all had an early breakfast at the hotel before Andrew and I headed off on a long day across to Sanquhar.Our route left the river a couple of miles upstream from New Lanark and then followed minor roads above Douglas Water ,with a short detour for early elevenses and lunch supplies at Cairn Lodge services ,before heading south up the A74 old road.
Starting off from New Lanark

Corra Linn
Folkerton Mill near Douglas Water
Marker post near Uddington
From tarmac to bog! After a stretch uphill along the cycleway we left the road to continue on old hill tracks to Crawford.While these are still shown on the map they've mostly disappeared on the ground and some sections were slow going.

Across the bog
A quick late lunch stop then another short stretch of road before heading up the trackless Glen Snar and across the watershed at Reecleuch Hill down to Wanlock Water.
Climbing out of Glen Snar -this section was fairly slow going
Old mine workings above Wanlockhead
The last 6 miles from here to Sanquhar were along the South Uplands Way on a much clearer path which made for quicker going and we reached our destination at around 7.45 pm. The day worked out at just short of 30 miles.

Nearly there
Moot Hall opposite the Nithsdale Hotel where we stayed
(a catch up post written on 9/11/15 ,a wet and windy November day)

20 July 2015

Summer fruit veg and flowers

The post title was going to be "Summer raspberry troubles" but I decided to go for something more positive given the number of other crop successes compared to failures.
All the alliums ; onions,garlic etc, seem to be doing well this year including Rossa Lunga sown from seed,and the gooseberries, currants and loganberries which I planted last year are all producing good crops of berries.

Rossa Lunga bulbing onions



The summer raspberries canes (Glen Ample and Leo ) were looking healthy enough a month ago and I even added more stakes to accommodate this year's strong growth.However,they have now become weak and sickly and are starting to die off.I've removed the worst of the canes to see how the rest fare but would welcome anyone's thoughts on what's caused the problem and any possible solutions.It could be root rot or a virus? They might all need digging up and throwing away.I'd hate it if any contamination spread to the loganberries and autumn raspberries.

4 July 2015

Early July veg

Thought I'd take a few veggie mug shots to record progress with other years. I'm now cropping strawberries and globe artichokes which are a bit behind last year's , whereas lettuce ,rocket ,radish ,onions and garlic have made a quick catchup in the recent warm temperatures after May and early June's joke weather.It's been very dry for a few weeks but now expecting a bit more rain which should do wonders for everything.Doubt if things will catch up to where they were on 22nd July 2013 when I was harvesting a glut of mangetout peas and courgettes?

Monster lettuce protected from the icy May and June blast by a basic polyhoop

Snowball onions from sets - harvested as continental onions while the green tops are fresh
Wild rocket,red globe radish and Flavor garlic

Alliums seem to be doing well with the onion sets maturing early and the first garlic bulbs already a decent size for roasting from fresh.The leek plantlets are also much further on than last year.
Pleased with the radish sown from a packet bought in the Canary Islands with enough seed for a small field.