16 May 2013

More green and a little less brown

Things are now greening up on the plot with fewer swathes of bare soil,although the wet dark brown earth contrasted rather nicely with the fresh green colours when I took these photos this morning.

7 May 2013

May greens and purples

The "purples" are the sprouting broccoli that I've been cutting for a few weeks now.Although the plants are probably nearing the end of their useful lives, the spears produced in the last few days have been excellent with the stems and flower heads turning a deeper purple colour. It's great to be able to harvest such a good quality veg in the "hungry gap".
The "greens" are the Good King Henry which I'd parked in a fabric grow bag last year when rationalising my raised beds in the garden after taking on the allotment. It was then forgotten about until I saw how fresh it looked today while doing some watering.

I'm on asparagus watch at the moment.There's one decent spear peaking through ,but will it prove good enough to eat?

4 May 2013

On hearing the first raspberry in spring

(With apologies to Frederick Delius )

Back in November 2012 I planted two long rows of summer raspberries on the allotment in a sea of mud. One of the Glen Ample canes has finally changed from being a dead looking stick to producing shoots and I'm hoping that the others will now quickly follow suit.It seems to make sense that it's the first of my three summer varieties to show,the others being Glen Magna and Leo.

Last year's Autumn Bliss plant in my garden looks very healthy. Rather than prune everything to the ground I decided to leave some of the first year canes so that I can double crop from them and the new ones produced this year.

Some more Autumn Bliss canes came with my job lot of summer raspberries but while these are also still stick like, the original one is producing runners across the raised bed.

My new blueberry bushes had a very short stop over on the allotment and now occupy most of another raised bed in my back garden ,where I'll be able to appreciate their autumn colour through the window of my day room.

More flowers are appearing in the garden now.Elephants ears which have never really produced flowers before, Polyanthus which thrive in the cool weather and shade,a new Viburnum and the ever reliable Aubretia which carpets the crag.