16 May 2013

More green and a little less brown

Things are now greening up on the plot with fewer swathes of bare soil,although the wet dark brown earth contrasted rather nicely with the fresh green colours when I took these photos this morning.


Sue Garrett said...

I'm guessing the thistly looking plants are globe artichokes - we have one that we never harvest but the bees love the flowers.

David Shinn said...

Hi Sue.
Yes,they are two of three survivors from last year.I think that it's the North West damp that does for them rather than the cold winter.
However ,the front one seems very vigorous.I took a few globes from it last year and just lightly boiled them ,with little preparation,in with my beans and chard.Delicious with butter and lemon.
This year I've sown the left over seeds from the packet and will plant out soon.
Will be nice to see them in flower if I haven't already eaten them!

Peggy said...

Hi David, thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave a comment. Your plot looks great, with lots coming through, I would think you have had slightly warmer weather than we have had here. I have one Globe Art; I brought it from our old plot so I am not expecting anything much from it this year. I would use most of the globes and leave the last few to flower for the bees.
Heres to a fruitful season!

Kelli said...

Things do seem to be greening up and growing well where you are. I would think that Forest Flame / Pieris would grow on your soil where there is some clay. I don't think Pieris is too fussy - (since such a large proportion of the population grow them in Northern Ireland.)

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