4 June 2013

You win some....

So far more sowing successes than failures in this "cool Spring".
My well chitted potatoes seem to have been planted earlier than some in the south and have started to produce flower buds.
Orla 1st early buds

On the minus side ,my first sowing of dwarf beans in a two day warm spell in the middle of May was probably too ambition .A delve about in the soil revealed a complete no show which has resulted in a resow of beans.I added some home raised trombone squash plants as I lost my patty pan squashes to last week's strong winds the day after I'd planted them out.
New sowing of dwarf beans inter planted with Trombone squash and Sweetcorn
Although half of the Leo and Glen Ample raspberry canes planted in late autumn 2012 are showing signs of life, none of the Glen Magna appear to have survived the winter mud bath.

Otherwise, things are looking very positive,with a good showing of lettuce,chard,garlic,shallots,broad beans ,mangetout peas,salad leaves and various mints.
Some of the lettuce are now being inter planted around the plot

Lots of chard seedlings to inter plant with the brassicas
Ginger mint
Basil mint

I'm pleased with the Globe Artichoke survivors.The weaker looking one has now put on a spurt and is producing a small globe.
Broad beans sown among the globe artichokes

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