11 June 2013

Beer radish and salad leaves

The black radish sown as a marker for a row of parsnips is now swamping them out so they have to go. I tried some last night as an appetiser with beer as per the packet,dressed in sea salt and olive oil.A fairly firm texture and strong flavour which went well with the beer.

I'm now also self sufficient in salad leaves for the time being.A picking over of mesclun mix, lettuce leaf thinnings with some herbs and chives must have produced a dozen or more different varieties on the plate.

Potatoes and chard next?


Shaheen said...

Oh I am so envious of your homegrown greens. I think I may have some black radish seeds, if so I am going to sow them this weekend.

Peggy said...

Hi, the salads look great, I usually dont do the 'leaves' thing but this year I am and they make a huge and colouful addition to the lettuce.I dont grow radishes as I have never liked them but black with beer could appeal to my son who also gardens with me!

Jono / Real Men Sow said...

Hey David, what are the black radishes?

Like Peggy, they look great things to grow with kids. A big bunch of multi-coloured radish would be brilliant.

David Shinn said...

Jono ,they are Radish Kulata Cerna.Part of a Christmas present from my sister.I also got the Bright Lights radish.
I'm going to try the Candela di fuoco next year as there are a few in with Bright Lights and they are the nicest ones.
Here's a link on Mr Fothergills but the Franchi Seeds may be the best bet as they are in larger euro style packets and are becoming more available in garden centres.

Jono / Real Men Sow said...

Super, thanks David. I'll pop them on the list for next year.

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