30 January 2014

Late January garden

I've started to reorganise my garden in the few recent dry spells .The Autumn Bliss raspberries which I'd planted in the middle bed nearest the windows tended to block out views of the rest of the garden in the summer and autumn.So they've been moved over to the allotment.I'm gradually turning the garden into mixed beds of shrubs and shrub roses under planted with perennial flowers and bulbs.There's still a jostaberry and two gooseberry bushes occupying the two smaller upper beds and I'll see how these fit in with the overall planting scheme before deciding whether to move them across to the plot as well.

A grey squirrel has taken a particular liking to the peanut feeder ,which I've now had to protect with a cage so that the small birds stand a chance of getting their fair share of nuts.A touch of speciesism ,as I'm sure that I would encourage red squirrels to feed in my garden if we had them round here.
New forsythia ,shrub rose and feeder cage

Some winter colour

6 January 2014

It's no yoke!

I bought half a dozen locally produced free range eggs from the village shop the other day.
Yesterday I broke one in the frying pan for breakfast,a double yoker,followed by another one which also had a double yoke.
Had Spanish omelette tonight and it seems like the whole box have double yokes.Is it to do with the time of year?

3 January 2014

Early January on the plot

Happy New Year!

Today was too windy to get any good close up photos of the veg still in the ground,including leeks,parsnips and kale.So just a couple of pics,one from either end of the plot.
The purple sprouting broccoli is beginning to produce some spears in the comparatively warm spell while the globe artichokes need some good frosts to knock back the foliage for the rest of the winter.