3 January 2014

Early January on the plot

Happy New Year!

Today was too windy to get any good close up photos of the veg still in the ground,including leeks,parsnips and kale.So just a couple of pics,one from either end of the plot.
The purple sprouting broccoli is beginning to produce some spears in the comparatively warm spell while the globe artichokes need some good frosts to knock back the foliage for the rest of the winter.



Sue Garrett said...

Do you use the globe artichokes? - We have one to replant as we dug it up from a weed infested area. We just enjoy watching the bees enjoying the flowers on ours.

David Shinn said...

Hi Sue,
Yes I've used most of them.Just left ones to flower on a plant that is forming spiky globes.
I cook them whole with some of the stem and then discard any inedible bits to leave the more tender buds and heart.
They've been prolific growers this year and are producing lots of suckers.

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