11 April 2017

New South Wales stopover April 2017

July catchup post with Singapore and NZ.

My first visit to OZ proper as I don't count the many previous transit stops at Sydney Airport on journeys between the UK and NZ.
I took a six night stop over.First night in the city centre,then 2 at Pittwater YHA and 3 at Katoomba YHA in the Blue Mountains.
Pittwater YHA was one of the highlights of my whole Singapore,NZ,NSW trip.I suppose it fitted in more with the remoter NZ tramps and definitely a place that I'd like to revisit.
Here's a link to the New South Wales stopover April 2017 photo album with text captions.

3 April 2017

New Zealand March 2017

Catchup post on a wet morning in July now that album uploading is quicker again.

After stopping over in Singapore I flew to Christchurch and spent just under four weeks mainly in the Buller/West Coast area between and inland from Greymouth to Karamea,with a diversion over to Marlborough half way through.
Familiar places to stay between tramps,including the Old Nurses Home at Reefton,Riverside camp ground at Murchison,Havelock hostel and Formerly the Blackball Hilton.
My tramps covered some new ground,further up the Matiri River;Wakamarina track to Fosters Clearing;Big River Track near Reefton;and Buckland Peaks above Westport.

Here's a link to the New Zealand March 2017 photo album with a storyline.