10 November 2013

November greens and roots

A visit to the allotment in the afternoon sunshine to collect some veg.Last night's first heavy frost of the Autumn has knocked back the vegetation on the Jerusalem artichokes but not the serrated stems of the Globe variety.

The "greens" that I cut were multi coloured and include Cavolo Nero,Red Ursa and Scarlet kales,green and orange chard , radicchio and flat leaf parsley.

I lifted the first of the Jerusalem artichokes as well as a few more parsnips and leeks. While looking for a suitable pot to park a Bee Balm plant that was being smothered by the globe artichokes, I "rediscovered" the Harlequin carrots which have been grown high in pots to avoid carrot root fly. Quite a decent crop from the contents of one pot so far.The yellow ones seem to be the cleanest roots.

1 November 2013

Bonus spuds

I cleared another area of the plot today and gave it a top dressing of horse manure which I will leave to overwinter. While forking over the soil and removing weeds I found three Salad Blue potatoes which I'd missed in August.
They are quite difficult to spot in the dark soil and I managed to fork through one of them.Apart from that they have very little damage except from some brown scab which appears standard for this variety and is only skin deep.

They look pretty good after cleaning and peeling, and there's no slug or eel worm damage!

I'm looking forward to eating them as they have a delicious taste and are particularly good for soaking up the gravy.
A must grow for next year,along with some other coloured flesh varieties and perhaps Romano or Shetland Black.