27 June 2016

Allotment in late June

I'd more or less managed to complete my first half of the year sowing and planting before leaving to go up to Assynt in the far north of Scotland in mid June for a John Muir Trust work party.When I left it still hadn't rained for quite a while but it must have done while I was away,as on my return everything had taken off on the plot!

Wild Valerian in near corner

Vegetation starting to spill over the path

Charlotte,Highland Burgundy and Kestrel potatoes

Carrots under mesh to try to protect from root fly - we'll see

Protecting strings of redcurrants

View from the bottom corner

Sprouts under netting

Onions sets have picked after proper rain

Streamline runners and Blue Lake pole beans


Lots of growth but not many broad beans showing yet. Asparagus has come on though

Overwintered chard which I've been cutting right down to produce loads of fresh growth - a major success so far

Hurst Green Shaft peas with a mass of pods - parsnips also doing fine

Top two thirds of the plot
Spares bed of climbing beans ,courgettes and kale - will need to keep an eye out for CW caterpillars
 Just realised that these are my last pre-Brexit vote photos.
Hopefully I'll do a JMT work party post with photos soon.

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