28 April 2016

Late April snow

My first allotment post of the year (!) has co-incided with a smattering of snow on the ground.
Early this morning I went over to the plot to take some photos.

Since coming back from NZ I've been generally tidying up the plot,adding a couple more "no walk,less dig" beds on another part of the very clayey area, sown spuds,peas ,broad beans,onion sets grown on in modules,carrots and parsnips.
I held off from sowing the two root crops until their due dates on http://www.gardenfocused.co.uk/
adjusted for Lancaster last frost date. So far the carrots sown in 2nd week of April are a no show and the parsnip seed only went in last week.

View across the allotments

Looking down my plot

Transplanted loganberries in leaf and potato rows
Spruced up "Autumn" raspberries with new stakes.Have left some of last year's viable canes to try out double cropping.
Still some sprouting broccoli to be had

Also some chard.Have already taken a cut a few weeks ago.
Lower area revamped with improved no walk beds,mulch store, and boundary bed planted up with gooseberries,redcurrant and more rhubarb.
Looking up the plot
Lower half
Top half
 I've also been sowing leeks ,onions and shallots in the greenhouse,along with chard,brassica and Alderman peas although the latter are slow to show themselves.

Alderman peas anyone?

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