19 June 2013

Mid June leaves and flowers

Looking down the plot

PSB and Cavolo Nero kale

Globe artichokes

Legumes,lettuce and garlic

Kales interplanted with chards
Basil mint

Glad that I didn't space these any closer
Golden Sweet mangetout
Part of lettuce mix (and part of my lunch)

Trombone courgettes
Salad Blue

Golden Gourmet shallots

Red Ursa kale
Pink Passion chard

Golden chard

Amrilla de Lyon chard


Sue Garrett said...

The salad blue potatoes have lovely flowers - I'm guessing that the tubers are blue too

David Shinn said...

Hi Sue .Yes it looks as though the tubers will be dark blue flecked with white all the way through,but are not actually salad potatoes.More floury than waxy, so I'll need not to overcook them(or make blue chips instead!).

Rooko said...

Looking excellent all round, I'm especially impressed with the Sweetcorn, I thought mine were well developed, yours are far ahead.

Peggy said...

Hi that is one tidy allotment! Your potatoes look healthy and green, ours have succumbed to the dreaded potato blight despite spraying.

David Shinn said...

Hi Rooko.Yes,after reading some other blogs I'm a bit surprised how far forward some things are up here near the Lancashire/Cumbria border compared to traditionally warmer areas.I planted out the sweetcorn fairly early as the seedlings were trying to lift the glass off my makeshift cold frames at home.
Luckily they then survived the gale force winds, whereas the patty pan squashes planted with them were destroyed within a few hours.

David Shinn said...

Thanks Peggy.
Hopefully I'll start lifting the first spuds this week.I've mainly grown early varieties in an effort to avoid the blight.We'll see....

Al said...

Lovely colourful photos!
Your allotment is so tidy - I must try to foillow your example next year ;-)

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