4 July 2015

Early July veg

Thought I'd take a few veggie mug shots to record progress with other years. I'm now cropping strawberries and globe artichokes which are a bit behind last year's , whereas lettuce ,rocket ,radish ,onions and garlic have made a quick catchup in the recent warm temperatures after May and early June's joke weather.It's been very dry for a few weeks but now expecting a bit more rain which should do wonders for everything.Doubt if things will catch up to where they were on 22nd July 2013 when I was harvesting a glut of mangetout peas and courgettes?

Monster lettuce protected from the icy May and June blast by a basic polyhoop

Snowball onions from sets - harvested as continental onions while the green tops are fresh
Wild rocket,red globe radish and Flavor garlic

Alliums seem to be doing well with the onion sets maturing early and the first garlic bulbs already a decent size for roasting from fresh.The leek plantlets are also much further on than last year.
Pleased with the radish sown from a packet bought in the Canary Islands with enough seed for a small field.


Sue Garrett said...

Our garlic has died back now nit I haven't checked whether it is any good underground yet, Fingers crossed,

David Shinn said...

Good luck Sue,
Last year above ground my garlic stems looked great but when I dug down the bulbs were rubbish.
This year's "Flavor" variety are the better value Taylors bulbs with three in a packet from which I got about 70 decent size cloves to plant out.Started them in modules which helped produce a good root system before planting them in my wet clayey soil.

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