28 July 2012

PSB sprouting too early

I didn't expect to be cutting summer calabrese and purple sprouting broccoli at the same time ,but this year's weather pattern seems to have decided otherwise. Perhaps it was sown a bit too early.
While I love the purple variety I really need to be eating my way through the broad beans and peas while they are at their best!

psb already sprouting in garden and allotment

Almost a colander full

Also dug up a couple of garlic plants to see how the crop is doing.It was planted fairly late and didn't get the necessary frost so I doubt if the heads will get very developed.
Found a decent sized head with a smaller one attached.The other was a very small bulb but with a fresh green stem.
 I'll start harvesting the rest to eat in the green or freeze.Last year I lost a lot as the dried bulbs soon rotted off.

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Rooko said...

This years weather patterns have certainly caused a few differences to various veggies. My sprouts and Parsnips are extremely early this time. I will need a J.C.B. to lift a couple of the Parsnips, it was probably the extra rainwater they ingested.

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