1 July 2012

First potatoes dug

A few weeks ago I started cutting peppery mezcla ,followed by lettuce (which is my best ever as it has the space to be thinned!) and swiss and red chard for the last fortnight.
Today I decided to see how my potatoes were getting on as most are in flower now. I think that I have five varieties ,but I forgot to note which were which and what were early ,main etc.They have generally been selected as waxy and resistant to as many things as possible.
Of the two plants that I dug up the blue ones seem to be earlies and the white ones not.

Having these with roast duck and more chard tonight ,plus some small kale leaves from the plants in my garden which weren't transplanted.

1 comment:

Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

we grew some purple congo potatoes this year but they were much darker, and longer than your blues. I love having vegies that don't look like the regulars you get from the store.

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