28 January 2012

Back garden late January 2012

So far the grubber plough hasn't been able to get on to the allotment land because of the near constant rain for the last week or so.
However it's dry today so I took some photos of my back garden looking good in the winter sunshine.

Photostitched - the raised beds don't really curve like this!
Hart's tongue fern colonising well
Rose - all year round flowering
These snowdrops were planted "in the green" last spring
Flat leaf parsley

In a cold spell last May I made a couple of temporary cloches using netting hoops and very light plastic sheet and grew the best lettuce ever.This year I'll try to go one better with a DIY minipolytunnel something like this

,this , this  or this for starting off plants for the allotment from seed ,and use the rest of the raised beds for salads, permanent veg and flowers.

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