7 August 2012

Pea and potato bonanza

I'm pleased with the Lincoln peas from the garden and allotment.Having only grown mangetout in recent years I hadn't provided sufficient support for this traditional variety and some of the burgeoning pods are well hidden in the thick mass of growth. Perhaps it's all due to this year's high rate of natural watering. I must try out more successions next year as you can't beat the taste of peas fresh from the pod.

Also lifted most of the second bed of potatoes planted after Easter. I think that they are mainly Nicola
(cream skins ) with a few Catriona (white with purple blushes).

There was an attack of blight on the site a couple of weeks ago and while most of this crop seem clean there are some with blight spots ,so I'll need to eat my way through the good ones rather than try to keep them.Of the five varities that I've grown this year the Nicola have the best texture (waxy) and are equal first on flavour with the Edgecote Purple (which I previously thought were a blue variety)
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