16 August 2013

Salad Blue potatoes

Some of this crop were difficult to spot in the dark soil. Despite their name they are not a salad potato,

and more toward purple than blue.

They have a bit of brown scab on the surface but when peeled are very clean with little sign of pests or diseases.

The ones that I tried last night had a subtle flavour, pleasant on the palate and very moreish.


Rooko said...

A nice looking haul of Potatoes, they look very good after their cleaning.

Sue Garrett said...

Does the colour put you off - I envisage purple mash!

David Shinn said...

I think that the colour puts the slugs off! Chefs might view them as a novelty potato but I had some more last night boiled and with a bit of butter and they were delicious.Apparently they're a super veg as the blue colouring is said to contain antioxidants.
However, I was disappointed with the Belle de Fontenay variety.While they looked good the taste was poor compared to the Orla ones I grew and had a lot of slugs and hidden eel worms!
Still a few more types to try:Sharp's Express,Saxon,Harlequin and Romano.

Sue Garrett said...

Maybe the colour gives off a different smell of taste that deters the slugs.

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