19 September 2013

Slovakia and Eastern Austria photos

Here's the photo album from my late August/early September trip.

I flew from Liverpool to Bratislava and then took the train to Liptovsky Mukulas which is about half way across Slovakia with the High Tatra to the north on the border with Poland and the Lower (Nizke) Tatra to the south. Having been to the High Tatra a while ago I took advantage of the good local bus service to do some day walks in the Nizke Tatry and neighbouring Velka Fatra range. The Slovaks must like these mountains as there are a huge number of signed paths and some lovely mountain huts.

Chata pod Borisovom in the Velka Fatra

While the Demanovska Dolina to the south of Liptovsky Mukulas has a large amount of winter skiing paraphernalia ( as well as some famous tourist caves) the mountains to either side are very attractive and I had a wonderful walk from the top of the Chopok cable car east along the ridge via Dumbier (the highest point of the range) and the Chata M R Stefanika (famous Slovak ,google him) then down to Vysna Boca to catch the bus.

As it was only a 10 day trip I then travelled back through Bratislava and on to Vienna where I stayed a night before heading into Styria for a three day walk in the Hochschwab mountains north of Bruck an der Mur.
Posh nosh in Vienna

The Hochschwab are the next range east from the Gesause Alps ,where I went in early July, but are more easily accessed by public transport from the Vienna side.
Great huts, food and drink as usual ,as well as scenery.

Late lunch

After finishing my walk at Tragoss I took the bus down to Bruck an der Mur and the next day travelled back through Vienna and then down the Danube by boat to Bratislava. A fast catamaran which made it difficult to take un-blurred photos. I hadn't seen much of Bratislava earlier in the trip but the old town was an enjoyable place to spent the final night and most of the last day before my late flight home.


Sue Garrett said...

They favour hefty portions don't they?

Mark Willis said...

Fabulous photos - and some wonderful places. We were supposed to have visited Bratislava on our "Danube cruise" earlier this year, but due to the flooding we never made it. :(
Looks like you had some pretty decent food!

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