19 August 2014

Vegetables in abundance

I seem to have posted more about my holidays than the allotment this year.Just back from a North York Moors walking trip so I decided that a veggie photo was in order after a good harvest this afternoon.

Salad crops including lettuce,Golden Frills mustard,wild rocket,rhubarb chard and mint.
French and runner beans.
Globe artichoke,Trombone and Pattipan squash.
Some excellent beetroot,decent turnips and rather poor carrots didn't make the director's cut.


Sue Garrett said...

Do you eat the artichoke heart or the 'scales'

David Shinn said...

Hi Sue.I've generally cooked the whole head and upper stalk ,dressed it with oil and balsamic and then eaten what is edible.Some are more edible than others!
The last one I tried was well developed so it was worth pulling off the scales individually and dipped the fleshy base in dressing ,then sucking out the flesh, before starting on the heart itself.
One very large plant has rather spiky heads which I've left to flower this year.

Peggy said...

Great harvest and great variety, we have no artichokes this year so have to get a new plant as I do like them. I boil them whole and eat them leaf by leaf with salted butter , very unladylike but lovely!

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