19 November 2014

Nearly winter veg

I've had a bit of time out from the blog having been to Mallorca for part of October and more recently making sure that I had everything sorted out ready for the Arnside Knott Race that I organise and which took place last Sunday.
Despite it nearly being winter there's still plenty to be harvested from the plot ,including salad leaves ,Cavolo Nero kale, January King cabbage, and brussels sprouts which particularly appreciate the heavy clay soil!
The parsnips wouldn't win any prizes and while the leeks are still small (an Italian winter variety) I've started to lift them early as they have a lovely ,slightly sweet, taste and there are plenty more to last through the winter.
Scorzonera ("black salsify") is an unexpected bonus.A few plants that were not fully dug up last year have  developed much bigger roots.

I think it will be less parsnips and more swedes and scorzonera next year as they seem more suited to the soil.
Last night's supper recipe was add a large potato ,then cut veg up into chunks and simmer for a few minutes.Drain and empty veg into a baking dish ,then pop into a hot oven adding a skinned wild salmon steak on top part way through the baking time.Salmon was rod caught from the River Lune of course from the freezer at the new Aldi in Carnforth.


Sue Garrett said...

Our parsnips wouldn't win any beauty contests either but who cares?

Rooko said...

Nice before and after shots of the veggies. I'm having a lazy Winter this year, except for a few cursory visits to my plots. I've still got cabbages, carrots, cavolo nero and parsnips to harvest. I tried growing scorzonera a few years ago. It grew great from seed but when I harvested it I must have left some of the roots in the ground, which went down and down. It took me a couple of years to fully get rid of it. Never again!!

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