15 September 2007

Jagersee to Maltatal then zwei not drei torls in the Lienzer Dolomiten September 2007

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Posted on 10 January 2015 as part of  a look back to my travels before I started the EFTU blog.
This one's a 2007 trip to Austria with my pal Ernie where we had to adapt our plans along the way due to early snow. Google+ Auto-Enhance seems to have done a good job with the photos from my "old" Sony Cyper-shot camera..
Here's a link to the photo album

We started at Jagersee in Kleinarl and went via Tappenkarsee,Stickler,Rotguldensee and Kattowitzer huts before retreating down to Maltatal because of the early snow.We'd been the only guests staying at Rotguldensee and Kattowitzer.
Looking back to Rotguldensee Hutte
Then after sitting out the weather in Lienz for a couple of days we ventured into the mountains again intent on doing the classic Drei Torl Weg.
After staying at Kerschbaumeralm (again we were the only overnight guests ) there was too much snow to be able to cross over the first Torl safely,which meant a partial descent and re-ascent via a very nice lunch at the Lienzer Dolomiten Hutte.After that we managed to complete the rest of the route from Karlsbader Hutte across the other two Torls with no other footprints ahead of us.
Karlsbader Hutte

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