10 January 2015

La Gomera and Tenerife Nov - Dec 2014

On my previous visit to these two Canary Islands in 2012 I got to know La Gomera fairly well spending eleven days there ,before having a couple of days on Tenerife at the end in the capital Santa Cruz and Anaga mountains.This time I only had a week shared between the islands but still managed to cram in some good walks despite the unpromising weather at the beginning..
As you'll see from this local website the weather was fairly dire as I arrived!
The flight into Tenerife South airport was bumpy to say the least and I was lucky enough (?) to catch a delayed ferry across to La Gomera before they were cancelled for 24 hours.An awful crossing.

Fortunately the weather was true to the forecast and the next day by the time I started my first walk from near the top of the island the winds were dying out and the sun was trying to break through.Things continued to improve throughout the rest of the week and I was able to do all of my planned routes on La Gomera and the Anaga Peninsular north east of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

I'm trialling Google's photo story of the trip which at the moment seems to be a bit temperamental opening up ,so I've also linked the Photo album as well.

Roque de San Pedro

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