30 April 2015

Late April on the allotments

I thought that I'd better do an allotment post while it's still early spring! Very chilly weather similar to the start of April with an unseasonal warm dry spell in between. The wind died down and the sun came out again late this afternoon after heavy showers so I took my camera over to the site and took quite a few photos.

Slideshow here

This year as well as growing onions from sets I'm also trying them from seed.So far so good.The leeks from seed are also a couple of months further advanced than last year.

Garlic and onions from sets
Italian red onions (banana shallots? )from seed
Italian winter leeks
The plot is now in it's fourth year and beginning to look more established with the addition of the fruit bushes and canes.Summer and Autumn raspberries, loganberries,gooseberries,blackcurrants, a tayberry and a redcurrant.I've removed the blueberries from a very clayey spot in the fruit area and transferred them into pots of ericaceous compost in the garden at home and they've already perked up.

Red and black currants

Summer raspberries
Loganberries and a Tayberry
The whole site is now beginning to mature with lots more greenery and no longer looks bare in early spring.
There's now also a Community Garden Area where people from the village can come and pick crops in season.

Our shared greenhouse is a real boon.Although I have a couple of basic cold frames at home I try to bring stuff across to the site so that the others can keep it watered when I'm away!
As well as using it to start off the onions I'm now got brassica ,legumes,curbits and flowers,including some of last year's self seeded Black Magic sunflowers rescued from a nearby pot of mint.

Re-homed sunflower seedlings
Pumpkin and cucumber
Succession peas and beans


Margaret said...

Everything looks amazing - and your container of leeks is doing so well! I started my leeks much too late this year...I may not get much of a harvest from them, but at least I learned a lot!

David Shinn said...

Thanks Margaret,
Last year my leek seedlings took ages to bulk up to "pencil thickness" for transplanting and I didn't get them in the ground until August.I might get a first lot in later this month but then do some succession plantings as the good thing about the late ones last year is that some of them are now producing decent size leeks in what is now the hungry gap.

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