24 December 2015

Christmas on the plot

A few jobs done in the recent dry breaks in what has otherwise been a very wet period since the beginning of November.
I'd planted some loganberries and a tayberry far too close together a couple of years ago and have now moved two of the loganberries to the top of the plot and staked and tied them in.

New home for the loganberries(another one is parked in a pot for the time being)
Now just one tayberry where there were also three loganberries

Using sideboards on the lower part of the plot seems to have helped counteract the wet clay soil and I'm going to experiment with some lasagna beds.

Things are still quite productive.While the cavolo nero kale has just finished there are some sprouts to pick and the white sprouting broccoli has just started to do it's thing. Also plenty of decent size leeks.

View up the plot
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