16 September 2016

Innsbruck ,Sellrain Huttenrunde and Kitzbuhel Alps September 2016

Written on 24th October
A catch up post after a more recent trip to Mallorca!

My second Austrian Alps trip this year but my first as part of an Austrian Alpine Club ,Section Brittania  meet, hut to hut touring in the northern Stubai.
Afterwards I did a three day solo h to h from Mittersill to Fieberbrunn.
Here's a link to the photo album https://goo.gl/photos/P3jmxhqutuEKP2118

AAC route:
Day 1- met up in Innsbruck,bus to Sellrain,walk to Potsdamer Hutte
Day 2 - Roter Kogel ,Lusenstal, Dr Simon Weg to Westfalenhaus
Day 3 - Winnebachjoch (snow) to Winnebachseehutte
Day 4 - Zwieselbachjoch (snow) ,Zwiesalbachtal,Gleirschjochl, Pforzheimer Hutte
Day 5 - back over Gjl and down to Schweinfurter Hutte (some went over the mountain)
Day 6 - Finstertaler Scharte to Dortmunder Huttte , Kuhtai
Day 7 - bus to Oetz ,Acherkogelbahn , Bielefelder Hutte, Mittertaler Scharte/Tal back to Dortmunder Hutte


Potsdamer Hutte



Winnebachjoch 2782m

Zwieselbachjoch 2868m


Gleirschjochl 2751m

Pforzheimer Hutte


Speicher Finstertal

Bielefelder Hutte

Mittertaler Scharte


 After some r&r back in Innsbruck I caught the train to Kitzbuhel then bus to Mittersill to start my walk over to Fieberbrunn after the Sunday thunderstorms.

Day 1 - minor roads,pathe,forest road to Burglhutte (lunch stop) ,over mountains via Torsee and down to Kelchalm,Bochumerhutte o/n
Day 2 - Hochwildalm (lunch stop),Bischolsjoch,Wilderseeloderhaus o/n
Day 3 - path and cable car down to Fieberbrunn,bus and train to Kufstein



Bochumer Hutte



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Ernest said...

Wow - jealous! Pleased to see you survived without my help.

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