18 November 2016

Late November garden and plot

Bright sunshine first thing today with signs of a slushy fall of snow last night.
My shrub planting in the back garden over the last couple of years has certainly added to the Autumn colours.

Over at the plot there's still quite a lot of veg to be had with the winter brassica now coming into season.At the moment it's sprouts and kale ,with white and purple broccoli to follow later on. I've been tidying up the beds one by one and have also added some more "no walk ,less dig" beds on the top half of the plot.As with the others which I added last year, the path widths are kept to an absolute minimum in order to have as much growing space as possible.I can just stand sideways between them in my welly boots to work the beds without trampling the ground.
My clay rich soil hates being walked on or dug too much ,and loosening it up gives me the chance to grow some decent root crops.Has certainly helped with the leeks and parsnips that I'm cropping at the moment ,and with the onions and carrots earlier on.Crop rotation planning is also easier.

Looking down the plot
New beds
Asparagus bed manured then top dressed with the spent compost from my cucumber grow bag.
Gooseberry autumn colour bonus
Looking up the plot
PSB,Cavolo Nero and Red Ursa Kale
Musselburgh leeks and Panorama parsnips
More PSB

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