1 February 2017

Gran Canaria walks January 2017

My fourth biennial trip to GC with very little old ground repeated on the various walks ,with even more of the camino reals newly marked and signposted since my last visit in 2015. Here's the photo album link which can be viewed as a slideshow https://goo.gl/photos/ioBSTePhQiZVUAB27

On the first couple of nights I stayed at the Parque Hotel near the San Telmo bus station in Las Palmas,and then moved up to the mountain village of Tejeda for three nights before returning to the Parque for the final two nights.Packed the usual light weight rucksack which meant that I could incorporate a walk into the days on which I was moving between accommodation.

Walk 1 - trail from Tenteniguada and El Rincon steeply up the Pasadera ravine to Cuevas Blancas on Ruta 03

Looking north from Roque Saucillo after a fairly exciting scramble to the top

Back down on Ruta 04 via Roque Jincado
View from above El Rincon on the way back down

Walk 2 - A look round two of the produce markets in the Alcaravaneras and Puerto area before catching buses to San Mateo and on up to Cruz Tejedato start the short walk

Community allotments a couple of streets inland from Canteras beach
Puerto market

Lunch at Cruz de Tejeda
Walk 2 - Down to Tejeda on the old trail - view towards Roque Nublo
Lovely path down to Tejeda
Tejeda village centre
Walk 3 - Start of walk from Cruz de Tejeda ,down to Las Lagunetas,then back up to Dogellada de la Cumbre and down to Cuevas Caidas and Tejeda mostly on newly signed paths
Start of trail down to Las Luganetas
Las Lagunetas church
Level section of the "new" path down to Cuevas Caidas before it gets steeper
Valley view towards Tejeda with Artenara on the distant ridge
Walk 4 - from El Aserrador down to El Juncal ,then over to El Toscon via on old trails which are in course of being signed and marked as S81,and back up to El Aserrador on S80

El Juncal

Cave house in Ronda

El Toscon
On the way back up to the top of the pass
View up to Asserador gap and central peaks
Walk 5 - Cruz de Tejeda to Moya via Degollada de las Palomas,Pajarito valley,Fontanales and Barranco del Laurel
Mt Negro

Threshing ground above Fontanales
Goat stew for lunch - a long walk today
Leek field in the Barranco del Laurel
Nearing Moya

Los Tilos and the barranco west of Moya
Moya cathedral
Sunday at Puerto del la Nieves
Natural bathing pools

Fast ferry from Tenerife
Shoreline fish restuarants
White is the colour

Agaete church
A look round the Vegueta market before the flight home

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