14 May 2012

Things are moving along

I've been holding off from posting on the blog in the hope that I'd have a new fence by now.

After making short work of digging a trench for the netting I decided to get Mick a friend from the running club to put a fence up for me ,with more substantial posts and a gate than I'd be able to manage to do myself.
However over the holiday weekend Mick was one of 4 runners from the club to do the Coast 2 Coast route as a five day run but then injured himself 40 miles short of Robin Hoods Bay.

He's on the mend now and hopefully my fence will be up sometime this week.In the meantime I've taken a few pre fence photos which show things growing,my new compost area made from free pallets and a herb border.I'll need to remodel some of the existing beds to fit the new internal layout which will have sections of indented paths near each side.


Jo said...

It's nice to see some things in the ground. The only things growing at my allotment at the moment are broad beans, onions and shallots, everything else is still in the greenhouse waiting to be transplanted or still in the seed packets.

techno-mole said...

Looks like things are coming along nicely, it's looking good :-)

Rooko said...

It looks very good to me, excellent progress and good luck with the fencing.

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