1 June 2012

New fence and more beds planted

The new fence has been put up while I've been away on La Palma ,one of the Canary Islands.When I got back the allotments weren't quite as arid as the island but some rain was needed and we had a good downpour on Thursday.

Notice the new wheelbarrow in racing green

I've started setting out and planting the lower half of the plot.Working on the very clayey section at the moment.It's fairly heavy going and still wet under the surface despite the weather we've been having.

Curly kale,summer calebrese and PSB transplanted from my garden bed

After transplanting the brassicas this afternoon I went back over to net them this evening after seeing Monty Don do this on Gardeners World.
No need to trample all over my soil to firm it down though .I'm sure that even Andy Murray wouldn't complain about this clay surface.

Most crops in the top half of the plot are growing away nicely,although the onion seeds are a no show and the beetroot is a bit patchy.

First bed of potatoes spaced very close together

Garlic is looking healthier after a good soaking
Masterpiece broad beans from New Zealand
Salad leaves after thinning out.Plus black kale to be transplanted
Part of second phase of broad beans.Bunyards Exhibition? One of the four different varieties that I'm growing this year.

My home garden seems advanced compared to some years and I should have a good supply of salad this summer.

The raised beds have grown away even more since these last two photos were taken but still a bit of room for some of the black kale ,more lettuce and some dwarf beans.
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