16 June 2012

Then and now

This afternoon ,in a bright spell between heavy showers, I took some photos of my completely planted up plot and also some more pics and panoramas of the site in general which show quite a contrast from the November beginnings.

top half of plot well established
planting and sowing of bottom half now complete
mixed lettuce is doing well
bare patches in chard bed now resown
a bit of the Mezcla leaf glut
later sowing of broad beans and lettuce coming on
dwarf beans have germinated in 6 days
soil warm to the touch when thinning and transplanting parsnips

Views from along the bottom of the plots show a lot of greenery instead of bare soil.

Links to panoramas taken from three corners

Panorama east
Panorama south
Panorama north 
it looked like this in November 2011

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