12 January 2013

Early January on the allotment

Almost a year on from our first work party in 2012 and as the sun was trying to shine I decided to make a photo record.

Views across the site from the four corners.

After (too) much deliberation and playing round with various options on my plot spreadsheet I've decided to go for a middle path down the top two thirds,using the theory that everywhere will then be relatively easy to access without too much treading on the tilled soil.At present it's still only a mud path as I'm waiting for a drier spell to be able to put down a layer of  heavy duty ground cover fabric folded double and secured with plastic pegs. It's a system that seems to have worked well on Kath's plot during 2012.

If the long hedge and treeline next to the lane is cut and layered this spring I'll probably plant permanent fruit and veg crops in the bottom section of the plot as it should be less shady than it is now (although in general I'd consider that mine is a sunny plot anyway)

Not much produce left at the moment ,although the purple sprouting broccoli spears are coming along and I still have a mini mountain of cavolo nero which seems to be doing it's own sprouting.

 A bit surprised that the globe artichokes still have their foliage,perhaps some proper winter weather will see off the top growth until spring?

You'll see that I've spread lots of horse manure on sections of the plot,much to the delight of the worms!

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