22 March 2013

Early potato planting on hold

The answer to my last blog post is "Winter". I've just come back from a couple of weeks on Madeira (photos and blog post to follow) with the intention of planting my first early potatoes on the allotment but the cold weather and late snow have put this on hold.

Back garden looks Christmassy .Spring bulbs are somewhere under the snow

Over Kellet "dub" on my walk to the allotment

Snowy plots
While I've been away Mike,the village lengthsman, has been layering the long hedge bounding the field track.This should open up the bottom section of our plots to more sun ,which might help dry out the soil a bit more as it tends to get waterlogged.

There's been some stirling work by the other plot holders moving and burning the resulting brash.

Still lots to burn
As part of our spring clear up ,I did manage to get rid of one of last year's spoil heaps yesterday with the help of my enxada/azada , and the area can now be used as a parking space.No photo today though as it just looks like a flat area covered in snow!

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