6 March 2013

Is it late Winter or early Spring?

Not long back from a short ski trip to Entreves near Courmayeur, just beyond the Italian end of the Monte Bianco Tunnel.

Good to see some of the hellebores in full flower when I came back.

On the allotment this week I've made good use of the warm spell ,clearing out the spent cavolo nero plants, forking/hoeing most of the plot, and planting shallot sets (Golden Gourmet) and garlic bulbs (Arno and French Pink).
Garlic and shallots protected against birds and probable lowering temperatures!It's all cyclical,the stones that I dug up and threw into the hedge are now being retrieved to use to hold down the fleece covering.

PSB is just about the only thing left cropping

The plan is that the large gap between the raspberry rows will become a strawberry mound.
Various mints repotted

A view across the plots.Lots of clearing and digging in progress.

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