27 April 2013

A busy day on the site

After last night's hail,I went over to the allotments in bright sunshine this morning,only to get caught in a sharp shower within five minutes.But from then on it was mostly warm and sunny for the rest of the day. It's good to get proper April weather in April for a change!

I managed to finish assembling the communal manure bunker.Apart from £2 for the heavy duty wire, the pallets,metal and tree stakes were all for free.However it did signal the end for my trusty lump hammer.

Some photos of fellow allotmenteers busy on their plots and nice straight lines on Stephen's plot.

Good to see that the peas,shallots and garlic are all doing well on my own plot.The purple sprouting broccoli are now producing lots of spears.Much fresher than you can buy at the supermarket and very quick to cook.The first Orla potato shoots were just showing through and had slight frost damage so I gave the early rows an extra earthing up for protection.


Kelli said...

The allotment looks like it's located in a beautiful area from the background photos.

David Shinn said...

Yes ,we're lucky to have views across some attractive limestone landscape.

Julie Drake said...

You have done a great job, thanks for sharing the photos.

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