28 May 2014

Madeira photos

Here's a link to the photos from my recent trip to Madeira best viewed as a full screen slideshow.
My previous visits have been in our winter months but on this May trip I saw the landscape in all it's glory with the summer flowers in bloom and plots full of vegetables.
Fabulous weather for the whole trip.No rain but the levadas come into their own to irrigate the cultivated land.

Curral Jangao and the central mountains
Flowers on a levada wall

Cannas at Boaventura
Trad shed and garden at Santana looking south towards the mountains
Origem da Levada Achada Grande above Boaventura


Sue Garrett said...

The gazania type flowers are startling - such vibrant colours

David Shinn said...

Ah so that's what they are!

Peggy said...

Love the photos and stunning scenery,I take it the Levedas are a kind of man made iregation system? Looks fascinating!

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