8 May 2014

The lone lettuce

Quite surprised to find a lone lettuce growing on my plot that was ready to eat so early in the season.It must be last year's seed which lay dormant over winter and then decided things were warm enough for it to grow away.I think it's Marvel of 4 Seasons and has made for some very good salads with a few young chard and mint leaves throw in.

Hopefully this year's lettuce will be just as good.I've sown mixed and Webbs varieties which are coming along nicely but will need some serious protection with slug pellets.


Rooko said...

1 more than me David (outside anyway). Slugs and snails got mine in one of my raised beds. Too much wet weather here slug heaven.

Sue Garrett said...

We often get a lone lettuce popping up. Isn't it strange how plants can do something like that when if we had sown the seed outdoors overwinter nothing would germinate.

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