6 March 2015

Gran Canaria walk 11th Feb 2015 Santa Lucia to San Bartolome

As I was moving on to San Bartolome for the next three nights of my trip I decided to catch the 11 bus from Telmo to Aguimes just south of the mountains and had a coffee and look around before catching the 34 Doctoral - San Bartolome bus which goes along the narrow winding mountain road to Santa Lucia. After a rather large plate of goat stew (should have remembered to order half a dose) I walked the rest of the way up to San Bartolome on a newly waymarked route.
 (click on any photo to view series in a larger format)

Aguimes cathedral - another big church in a small town

A big fiddle
A big goat stew in Santa Lucia


All paths lead to.........

Main street San Bartolome

Once you reach Tunte (the local name for San Bartolome) there's still a bit of a hike up through the village to the rather smart Hotel Tirajanas further up the hill.The hotel is into sustainability.Growers will be impressed by their simple veg patch!

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