11 March 2015

Gran Canaria walk 14 Feb 2015 San Bartolome to Ayagaures

I always try to pack light so that I can combine walking and bus journeys when moving from one area to another during my trips.As this usually amounts to hand baggage only it also means cheaper flight costs,fewer delays when leaving the airport ,and less packing and repacking.
Today's plan was to take the old path from my hotel above the town, across the Degollada de la Manzanilla pass and then down to the village of Ayagaures inland from the Maspalomas/Playa del Ingles resorts before catching the bus back to Las Palmas for the last two nights of my holiday.
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Looking back across La Caldera de Tirajana

Nearing the pass
Looking back down the path

View south from the pass

My original plan had then been to follow the lower path via Las Tederas but pre trip research had suggested that this route might be closed due to landslips,which proved to be correct, so I took the newly signposted higher route which is more direct and well worth doing in it's own right.

Forest fires ravaged this area in 2007 and the vegetation is still recovering

Casas de Tagmastal

Ayagaures Alto and the reservoirs

View down the valley from Ayagaures

In the past the guidebook route took you to Los Palmitos zoo park but the approach path is now closed off.So it now means either a taxi from the village or a further walk down the valley to the bus stop. Caught the 45 bus to Parque Tropical bus station in Playa del Ingles and had a couple of well earned beers with a view of the playa before getting the 30 bus back to Las Palmas to stay at the Parque Hotel again.

Playa del Ingles

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Belinda Robinson said...

How beautiful! I didn't realise Gran Canaria had areas like that!

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