16 September 2015

Slovakia September 2015

Another late summer trip to the Slovakian mountains.This time I flew to Vienna rather than Bratislava and also did some walking in the Western Tatras as well as the other nearby ranges that I visited in 2013 and 2014.Great food as usual.
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Manchester to Vienna on a convenient early afternoon flight (Jet2.com) and stayed at Hotel Graf Stadion near the Rathaus. Nice place,nice lift.

Train to Bratislava and then on to Liptovsky Mikulas where I also stayed at the start of my 2013 trip.Like the previous trip the weather was very cool for the first couple of days but then got warmer and drier.
Local bus to Ziarska Dolina and a walk up the road to the Ziarska Chata just getting caught in a shower before I got there. A coffee then walked up the path to Smutne Sedlo.Rain showers turning into sleet and snow by the top.

Quite chilly so a welcome coffee and beer at the hut on the way back down.

Another local bus to Jalovec at the foot of the next valley west from yesterday.A drizzly day with a bit of sunshine later on.Had a look at the partisans bunker and then a slippery walk to the top of Babky.Had time to walk further down the road into Bobrovec (bar) to catch the bus rather than wait around in Jalovec (no bar).

Train and bus to Liptovske Revuce via Ruzomberok and then for the third time in a row walked up to Chata pod Borisnovom. Same way up via Zelena dolina and Kysku as last year but with a different way back than before ,along Cierny kamen and down the red path to the valley.

Klobasy ,pickles, mustardand horseradish

The weather was improving so I was able to set off on a hut to hut walk in the Mala Fatra mountains Last year I crossed over the far western end of the ridge but this year I planned to do the main central ridge. Caught the local stopping train to Sutovo and walked up to Chata pod Chlebom much quicker than I expected. A coffee ,beer and soup and got my bed for the night before exploring the ridge behind.

Garlic soup - Cesnakova Polievka

Roast lamb and Halusky (potato dumplings) I think?

Good value hut with nice food.



A day along the ridge west to Chata pod Suchym where I also stayed last year.Quite a few people walking up Velky Krivan ,the highest summit,from the cable car but after that I only passed a couple of small groups.Lovely walk ,up there with the best.The end section over the pinnacles would be tricky in the wet.

Maly Krivan

West end of the to Suchy

Red cabbage soup - Cervena Kapustova Polievka

My next destination was Stefanova to the north of the range ,so rather than walk down to catch the train/bus at Strecno and travel via Zilina I'd worked out that if I walked the short way back up to Javorina and then on down to Varin I could catch a direct bus round from there.Quite strange entering Varin as there were bursts of  loud music being played  through speakers that were permanently mounted to the telephone poles.A relaxing day so had a very nice pizza and beer before catching the mid afternoon bus.

Back onto the main ridge via the Vratna-Chleb cable car for a day walk eastwards along the section of ridge that I'd still to complete.

What's good is that the cable car and ski slopes don't really over-impose themselves on the rest of the ridge. Early mist then increasingly warm and sunny.Lots of other walkers out on a Saturday.

Most of the Stefanova car park had filled up while I was waiting for my bus down the valley to Zilina and the buses coming the other way were also full of Sunday walkers. The train to Bratislava was running late as they normally seem to.I was going to spend my last night of the holiday in Bratislava so wasn't in too much of a rush.

More roast lamb with Chleb ,pickles,horseradish,mustard
Found this website when I was looking the names of some of the dishes:

Another late post written on 9/11/15 a wet and windy November day.
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