28 October 2015

Mid September plot and garden

A blog catch up on a wet late October morning.My allotment based posts seem to be dwindling to one for each season of the year as I've been off on my travels between times.No bad thing. Here's a link to the photo album.

One of the new shrub roses in my garden raised beds.Initially planted out in 2014 but then all moved earlier this year into the lower beds less overshadowed by the cliff face.
Over on the allotment it's the cooler weather crops that seem to have done best this year after the icy blast which lasted well into June.

Stur onions from sets

Flavor garlic

Inverno Italian leeks doing well over here too

Pride of place goes to the Rossa Lunga onions raised from seed.This is just the second part of a bumper crop.
Black Magic sunflowers self seeded then transplanted
Purple and White sprouting broccoli plants much more vigorous then last year's and pushing up the netting
The early potatoes grown at home in pots and on the plot were disappointing,except for this batch of Charlottes which I left in the ground over the summer.
A "patio" rose which has been in the garden raised beds since the move over from veg in 2012 and seems to be developing into a more substantial bush


Belinda Robinson said...

The colour of that shrub rose! Wow! And your leeks look really healthy!

Sue Garrett said...

I love the colour of the patio rose.

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