11 March 2014

Early March catch up

I'm just getting over jet lag after flying back from a month's holiday on North Island ,New Zealand.Photo album should appear soon.I had a 2 day stop over at Hong Kong on the way back.The weather there was quite cold after the New Zealand summer but I've returned to England bathed in warm sunshine.

There's quite a lot of colour in the garden and still some leafy veg to be had from the allotment.

When I went to Beetham Garden Centre yesterday I thought that my delay in buying any seed potatoes might have been a mistake but managed to find enough of my favourite Salad Blue (30 ) plus sufficient quantities of Shetland Black , Nadine , Orla , Premiure and Blue Kestrel.They all seem to be chitting nicely.

 While I've used the sunny spell to plant out a few onion and shallot sets I'm trying not to get suckered into sowing anything else until the soil dries out and warms up a bit.
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