27 March 2012

A quarter of the way down the plot

I've now managed to get the top quarter section of the plot almost ready for planting.After initially working down this section clearing out roots and debris I've now dug back up the other way with the azada finding lots more of the same.

In the right hand background Martin is working on his and Alison's plot

You'll see that I've taped round to protect it from wandering feet.Ok at the moment it does look a bit like a building site, but fairly soon I'll be replacing the stakes and tape with something more aesthetically pleasing.

I should be able to get 5 wide walking rows in across here ready for planting up around Easter time.

The next section includes an area of almost solid clay which could prove challenging. I might not dig over the worst of it ,and at least for the timebeing have a composting area ,water buts and fabric planters here.

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