31 March 2012

March back garden

My back garden often looks it's best in the early spring ,with the new growth standing out against the barer surroundings.
The "upper terracing"
Tete a tete daffodils parked up waiting for a permanent home

The old pond area is gradually being won back from nettles and brambles

I'm rationalising the raised beds now that I've got the allotment.The three on the lower tier are becoming more like potagers to grow some soft fruit plus a mix of salad and chard leaves,lettuce and dwarf beans.

Angled rows of dwarf broad beans,silver beet and spring onions,with gooseberry and rasperry bushes.Gaps will be filled with french beans and more salad leaves
I'd already turned one of the three upper tier beds over to asparagus last year.In the other small one I'm experimenting with early peas,lettuce and leaves sown in mid March under a dust sheet cloche.I planted up part of the larger middle one with garlic at the same time, and a couple of days ago sowed the rest of it with dwarf curly kale, summer calabrese and purple sprouting broccoli for transplanting to the allotment later on.This is also under a dust sheet cloche.

It's now back to work on the allotment.Just starting on the very clayey section which I'll try to win bit by bit.
We now have a full complement of plot holders,7 in total, which means that the precise plot boundaries can be formally  marked out this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

The various aspect of the garden look very good. I particularly like the stone edged growing area (old pond) & the upper terracing is impressive.

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