25 March 2012

Surveying Saturday

Up until now we have been working from sketch plans but today we were able to call upon the professional services of Martin's Uncle Alan to survey the land with his theodolite.
They measured up the whole site (perimeter,areas of hard standing,and growing land) and now have the figures to be able to draw up an accurate plan to scale.

As the last time I used a theodolite was in the first year of my general surveying diploma course at Newcastle Polytechnic in 1970 I decide to leave them to it!

I've made an exploratory start on my potential plot at the far end of the site,using my new azada and right angle fork.
Azada and right angle fork next to my raised beds at home

 The furrows have dried out and are breaking down fairly easily.Not surprisingly there's plenty of root matter to pick out each time the soil is turned over.

Martin and I managed to produce this fairly clean patch of soil on Friday evening with my tools and then a forking over

A bit more done on Saturday

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